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Connection Sessions

2:00pm-5:00pm EDT

This time is reserved exclusively for peer sharing among state arts agency community development staff. Other attendees are asked to respectfully join sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Separate links will be sent out to CDC staff members prior to this session. 


In addition to three presentations grounded in state arts agency work (see below), this session offers a chance for open dialogue about the experiences, aspirations, trials and triumphs of state arts agencies and community development coordinators. 

These sessions were not recorded.

Reframing Our Approach, a State Agency's Story

The South Carolina Arts Commission shares the story of its challenge to meet the needs of its rural communities; and how a new framework for engagement called The Art of Community: Rural SC turn its approach upside down and inside out. Grassroots, gritty and messy, this initiative is built upon partnership, trust and knowledge that 'arts and culture' are relevant in community building when we let communities honestly show us where they are and what they need. And we respond, accordingly.


Press Release: Rural arts and culture initiative expands to 15 counties

The Art of Community: Rural SC

Presentation from Session

Video from Session

Susan DuPlessis

Community Arts Development Director

SC Arts Commission

Breaking Barriers: A Cultural Accessibility Project

This project is a partnership between Art Access and the Utah Division of Arts & Museums to provide disability accessibility training and mentorship to our state’s cultural institutions. We launched this program pre COVID and have had to move it to virtual training. Interested in sharing the process of creating this program with peers, having to move it online, and expectations of our cultural institutions and artists.


Presentation From Session

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Jason Bowcutt

Community & Performing Arts Manager 

Utah Division of Arts & Museums

Jennifer Ortiz

Museum Services Manager

Utah Division of Arts & Museums

Deepening the Frame of Arts and Culture through Community Conversations

Early on during the pandemic, the Community Initiative at the Mass Cultural Council began hosting Community Check-Ins to provide space for creatives to share, learn, and connect with one another. Each Check-In featured guest speakers from all over Massachusetts who discussed topics ranging from virtual programs, community engagement, public art, and civic action. These Check-Ins provided an opportunity to highlight imaginative and innovative responses to the pandemic, as well as helped deepen the understanding of arts and culture as integral to strengthening communities.


Presentation From Session

Mass Cultural Council Videos

Mina Kim

Program Officer, Community Initiative

Massachusetts Cultural Council