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Connection Sessions

2:00pm-5:00pm EDT

This time is reserved exclusively for peer sharing among state arts agency community development staff. Other attendees are asked to respectfully join sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Separate links will be sent out to CDC staff members prior to this session.


In addition to two presentations grounded in state arts agency work (see below), this session offers a chance for open dialogue about the experiences, aspirations, trials and triumphs of state arts agencies and community development coordinators.

These sessions were not recorded. 

Rhode Island Expansion Program

Supported by a fund from the Rhode Island Foundation and a collaboration between the Foundation, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA), and the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities (RICH), the Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program (RIEAP) offers funding and organizational assistance to community-based, culturally diverse arts and cultural organizations. The Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program (RIEAP) supports small organizations whose programs and missions center on the cultural practices and traditions of Rhode Island’s diverse people. RIEAP provides the skills and tools these organizations need to grow as equal partners in the Rhode Island arts and cultural community. Priority is given to newly-emerging groups and those with little history of grant funding. In seeking to build the capacity of these organizations, the RIEAP recognizes the broader role they play in strengthening their communities including cultural preservation, education, and youth development. Funding from the Expansion Arts focuses on developing resilient organizations, including governance, financial management, fundraising, marketing, documentation, evaluation, leadership, strategic collaborations, and partnerships. RIEAP fosters greater connections across the arts and humanities, while providing leadership and professional development for a broader network of RI Expansion Arts Program- eligible arts and cultural organizations.


Elena's Presentation

Elena Calderon Patino

Director, Community Arts Program 

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

Measuring Malaise

Utah's Creative Communities project attempted to streamline services from all 7 Divisions within the Department of Heritage and Arts in order to have greater impact on rural communities. The project hinged on the SUCCESS framework and requirements coming from our Governor's office. How do we measure the project with QT/OE? What kind of data could we gather that would measure the work of each Division involved? And didn't cost much? But was also timely? Help Tracy explore this tricky challenge.


Tracy's Presentation

Tracy Hansford

Community Arts Coordinator 

Utah Division of Arts & Museums