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Who should I contact if I have general questions?

For registration questions, contact For technical questions or questions about the program, contact

What if something comes up and I cannot make a live session? Are sessions recorded?

All plenary sessions and workshops are recorded. All recordings will appear on the website by the end of the week on the respective page. The facilitated discussions and Wednesday Connection Sessions will not be recorded.

What time zone will this be shown in?

The Convocation agenda will be displayed Eastern Standard Time, however we’ve timed out sessions so that they are convenient for people across the country to participate.

What software/tech should I have?

Please be sure to have Zoom (see below) and high-speed internet. Headphones are helpful if you are planning on joining from a place where others are around you. Most of the sessions will take place on Zoom. We recommend downloading the desktop version of this onto your computer ahead of time. More information about this can be found at

My cat may jump in the frame, or the post may be delivering a package - what do I do?

If you need to leave the conversation briefly, feel free to mute yourself and your camera. If you need to leave for a longer period of time, feel free to leave the Zoom room.

Do I need to keep my camera on the whole time?

We recommend keeping your camera active for all of the sessions in the Convocation. You should prioiritize keeping your camera active during conversations and breakout discussions.

What if I am joining from my ipad or phone? Is this okay?

Yes! Make sure that you have the Zoom app downloaded ahead of time and that you have good internet access on your device.

What if I have a question during a session, how should I ask it?

Zoom has a chat function, where you can ask questions to the host, an individual, or the whole room. In a smaller, conversation format, you should feel free to speak up by unmuting yourself.

How do I access the Zoom links?

After you have registered, you should have been sent a special password to access the "Virtual Portal." On the day of the event, simply click on that tab above and insert the password. You will see all of the links for that day listed there.